You know, most businesses have gotten accustom to just offering credit cards as the only option to collect customer payments. What you may not realize is that not everyone has a credit card but just about every one of your customers has a checking account. There are people who actually prefer to pay by check over a credit card. Some statistic we’ve heard from our own customers is when they offered the check by phone payment option they saw sales increase anywhere from 4-11%. Once you understand the power of accepting checks by phone (and on your web site too) you may start to get excited about how it can help improve your business.

Click the link for a demo: check by phone

The check by phone software is completely secure and web based. No software to buy. It’s all done securely online from any internet web browser. You can begin accepting echecks from your customers over the phone as easily as accepting a credit card and for far less. The echeck processing costs are only a fraction of what it costs to accept credit cards.

Just a few benefits you’ll experience when you accept checks by phone:

• Increase sales by offering this additional payment option
• Reduce collections problems and reduce billing/administrative costs
• Automate your cash flow
• Increase your sales by offering this additional payment option.
• Reduce your processing costs by “incentivizing” customers to pay by check over credit card.
• Accept business or personal checks over the phone and online
• Automate your cash flow by setting up recurring billing option
• Significantly reduce your paper invoicing (and eliminate sending 2nd & 3rd notices for payment)
• Decrease your outstanding receivables & administrative costs for collections.
• Use the service to collect overdue payments from customers over the phone
• Create a new revenue stream by adding a convenience fee for phone payments.
• Protect your business from unreasonable charge backs especially if you offer annual billing

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